Persuasive Research Paper

Michael Elkins

Eng 1001 CSU, Stanislaus

Essay 3

Persuasive Research Paper


Throughout the semester, you have worked on identifying, understanding, and creating arguments. In the first essay, you used personal experiences as evidence for arguments about changing specific social, institutional, or cultural practices. In your second essay, you were required to establish an interpretation of Night of the Living Dead using both the film and the essay itself to support your argument. In the final essay, you will combine these two skills to produce a researched argument about an issue that is both contemporary and relevant to our place and time.


This essay is the culmination of the core skills you’ve learned in the class. You will take a stand on a social/cultural/institutional issue (as in essay one), and you will research and support your argument with outside texts (like in essay two). The goal is two fold—to demonstrate your ability to produce arguments related to relevant issues of our time, and to demonstrate your ability to support those arguments with relevant research.


You will need to accomplish several things with your paper in order for it to succeed:

  • Address an issue that is relevant in our time (the scope can be large or small, but you should take on something that matters today—not an issue that would have been relevant 30 or 100 years ago).
  • Select a topic that can be adequately handled in 4-5 pages.
  • Contextualize the subject for your reader, and include explicitly why the issue is important (why should your reader care?).
  • Argue your point using contemporary, relevant research.
  • Address both sides of the issue (what are people saying on both sides), and take a stand on one side.
  • Support your argument with three outside sources, at least one outside source must be a peer reviewed journal.


The essay must be 4-5 pages in length, 12 point font, Times New Roman, and in MLA format. The work must include at least three outside sources to support your argument, and you need to both a works cited page and in-text citations.



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