4/19/13 Class Structure/Homework/Notes

Class Structure: 

  • Crawdads & Ant Lion
  • Discuss Chapter Eight They Say/I Say “Connecting the Parts”
  • Watch  President Obama’s Response to Failed Gun Control Reform Bill


  • Evaluate Transcript of  Speech in Small Group

Corporate Activity: 

What is the rhetorical situation?

How would you describe his tone?

What arguments does he make?

Does he provide counterarguments to arguments stated by the opposite side?

Small Group Activity:

Evaluate the transcript of the speech for the following elements:

  • Transitions
  • Pointing Words
  • Repetition of Key Terms and Phrases
  • Repetition with a Difference
  • So What?
  • Who Cares?

Homework Assigned: Bring in one printed  article related to your research subject for Monday. We will need it for an in-class activity.

Homework Due: Final draft of zombie essay.

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4/17/13 Class Structure/Homework/Notes

Class Structure:

  • Recap Stating The Views of Others (Ch 6 They Say/I Say)
  • Discuss Chapter 7 of They Say/I Say  in Small Groups
  • Group Reading “Reforming Immigration for Good”
  • Small Group Activity

Small Group Activity 1: Discuss chapter 7 of They Say/I Say  with your group. Be prepared to define and state the importance of the “So What?/Who Cares? ideas from the text.

Corporate Activity: Read Mae M. Ngai’s “Reforming Immigration for Good.”

Small Group Activity 2: Complete exercise #1 on pg. 100 of the They Say/I Say text. Identify any instances of “So What?” and “Who Cares?” in Ngai’s editorial with your small group.

Homework Due: Reading only

Homework Assigned: Final draft of essay #2 due Friday. Read chapter 8 (“As A Result”) of the They Say/I Say text, and be prepared to discuss it in class.


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4/15/13 Class Structure/Homework/Notes

Class Structure: 

  • Recap Stating The Views of Others
  • Review Essay #3 Prompt
  • Discuss Research Topics

Homework Due: Research Topics for Discussion

Homework Assigned: Read They Say/I Say chapter seven, “So What? Who Cares?”

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4/12/13 Class Structure/Homework/Notes

Class Structure:

  • In-Text Citation of Movies (Night of the Living Dead)
  • Discuss Chapter Six pg 78-91 In Small Groups
  • Complete Exercise One on pg 90-91 in Small Groups
  • Finish In-Class Conferences
  • Group Discussion

Benefits of Planting a Naysayer Points for Discussion: 

How Can Counterclaims (Naysayers) help your text?

Pg 78

Pg 80

Some Templates for Planting a Naysayer: Pg 82.

Introducing Objections Informally

Joe Jackson pg 85 (read)

Fair Representation pg 86

Mocking/Belittling Results pg 87

Providing A Persuasive Answer pg 88

Concessions While Standing Ground Templates pg 89

Homework Due: Reading only

Homework Assigned: Final draft of Zombie Essay due 4/19/13. Decide on a topic for your research paper. Be prepared to discuss your idea in class Monday.

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4/10/13 Class Structure/Homework/Notes

Class Structure: 

  • Titles
  • Group Reading
  • Small Group Activity
  • Continue In-Class Conferences

Titles:  Discuss titles of essays we’ve read in class–what is their function?

“Naps,” “Me Talk Pretty One Day,” “Serve or Fail,” “Junking Junk Food,” “Don’t Blame the Eater,” “The New Liberal Arts,” “Why We Crave Horror Movies,”  “Are Too Many People Going to College?”

Group Reading: The Slow Death of the American Author” by Scott Turow.

Small Group Activity:

A) Establish the rhetorical situation

1. What question(s) is the text addressing?
2. What is the writer’s purpose?
3. Who is the intended audience(s)?
4. What situational factors (biographical, historical, political, or cultural)
apparently caused the author to write this text?”(Bean 43)

B) How does the author establish his Ethos (credibility) on the subject matter? Why should we listen to what he has to say? How does this help his overall argument?

C) How does the writer’s use of a quote from the Constitution strengthen his argument?

D) How does the writer use Pathos (emotional appeals) or Logos (logical appeals)?

E) Write one or two paragraphs that sum up your findings. Include a direct quotation that you feel summarizes the author’s argument in his own words. Post the finished product to your blog before Friday’s class. 

Homework Due: None

Homework Assigned: Post a polished version of the in-class assignment to your blog by Friday. Read Chapter six, “Skeptics May Object” pgs. 78-91 in They Say/I Say. Be prepared to discuss in class.

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1st day back 4/8/13 Class Structure/Homework/Notes

Class Structure: 

  • Spring Break Recap
  • Zombie Video
  • Author’s Last Name
  • Zombie Ruberic
  • Grammar Lesson and Exercise
  • Review Draft 2 Zombie Essay
  • Return Midterm


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3/29/13 Class Structure/Homework/Notes

Class Structure:

  • How to Cite a Movie in MLA
  • Seinfeld Videos on Exclamation Points
  • Small Group Discussion of They Say/I Say
  • Lolcats Discussion/Activity

Small Group Discussion: In groups of two or three, discuss They Say/I Say 68-75

  • Voice Markers
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Attributive Tags/Who Is Saying What?
  • Using First Person/”I”

Lecture: Discuss audience/genre expectations prior to activity, and introduce lolcat memes.

Small Group Activity: Using an images from icanhas.cheezburger.com’s meme builder, create two caption for a photo, one using conventional SWE, and another using nonstandard forms. These memes are generally humorous, but you can affect other tones if you feel it is appropriate. For your SWE caption, you can use a template from the They Say/I Say text if you feel it fits. We will share the images briefly with the group.

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