About M.E.


My roles this semester are varied. I am an instructor, a husband, a father, a small business owner, and a graduate student. I also am a writer– at least I will answer yes to the question, “are you a writer?” on most days. Wearing a lot of hats can be difficult, but when you’re balding, you’ve got a lot of motivation to wear hats.

Family Day in the Snow
Family Day in the Snow

What I Like/What I Do


In 2012, I purchased a collection of 300,000 sports and non-sports cards. I basically bought out someone who bought out a card shop that went out of business. When I have dead-time, I often fill it sorting and listing cards in an online specialty shop.


I had the privilege of spending four months studying zombie fiction and film, and I’ve come to really appreciate the genre, enough so that I am willing to devote a couple of weeks to discussions about the zombie–primarily its use as a rhetorical device–in this course.


I love board games, card games, video games, and the like. Five or six years ago, I saw the movie The Royal Tenenbaums and fell in love with the Royal’s  game closet.

My Game Closet

My Game Closet

It took time, but I eventually built up a similar collection of my own.  Though not a walk in closet, It still has 50+ board and card games, games I look forward to playing with my boys when they are older.    

Where’s My Havelina?

Online Writing

I enjoy online writing, and believe deeply in the value of the form. It democratize the publication process, removing gatekeepers and enabling anyone with the desire to do so to make their writing available to others. I’ve worked professionally as an online content creator  both on my own sites and as a freelancer,  and I strongly believe in the future of online writing.

How I view my Role

I consider myself a facilitator in the writing classroom. You learn to write by writing, and I will try to create an environment that is conducive to writing and offer advice throughout your journey, but you’ll learn the craft by practicing it.



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