5/8/13 Class Structure/Homework/Notes

Class Structure: 

  • Review comp results
  • Making use of the work you do in college
  • Identify three essays for final
  • Review program outcomes
  • Review Process Notes
  • In-Class Writing

Process Notes Guidelines:

First, contextualize

Identify the assignment and include a short description of your task as a writer.

What was your purpose/desired result? 

 Who was your intended audience?

What is the context surrounding the situation you are responding to? That is, why was it important?

Then describe the process in detail: the number of drafts, the major changes you made to the work, the resources used in composing the text (including help received from others), and any other relevant information related to the steps you went through to construct the text. 

Essay’s For Final Exam Decided by  Vote:

Don’t Blame the Eater  (16 votes)

Language Obama Style (15 Votes)

Serve or Fail (11 Votes)

 Homework Due: None

Homework Assigned:  Draft two of final paper due Friday 5/10/13 by midnight. You need a Blue/Green book both days next week. Process Notes will be written in class Monday 5/13/13, Final Exam will be Wednesday 5/15/13. No class Friday 5/17/13.

Final paper due Monday 5/20/13 by midnight.


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