4/29/13 Class Structure Homework Notes

Class Structure: 

  • Question/Problems With Research
  • Cover Letters
  • Hunter S. Thompson
  • Group Activity

Cover Letters:

  1. Introduce you to the employer. 
  2. Focus on your unique skill set.
  3. Demonstrate some of your knowledge/credentials.
  4. Highlight your writing ability.
  5. Persuasive in nature.

Corporate Reading: 

Hunter S. Thompson Cover Letter

The Best Cover Letter Ever

Elkins Cover Letter CSU Stan

Small Group Activity: 

  • Describe the tone of each example.  
  • Find examples of formal and informal language in the letters.
  • Identify parts of the passage that you think are either persuasive or are intended to be persuasive.
  • Identify parts of each letter that you felt worked.
  • Identify parts of each letter that you felt did not work.


Homework Due: None.

Homework Assigned: Draft one of Persuasive Research Paper due Wednesday. Bring two copies to class for peer review.

Find a job posting that you would be interested in applying for in your future. Write a cover letter in the style of your choice for the job. Post both the cover letter and the job that inspired it on your blog. Due Friday.


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