4/19/13 Class Structure/Homework/Notes

Class Structure: 

  • Crawdads & Ant Lion
  • Discuss Chapter Eight They Say/I Say “Connecting the Parts”
  • Watch  President Obama’s Response to Failed Gun Control Reform Bill


  • Evaluate Transcript of  Speech in Small Group

Corporate Activity: 

What is the rhetorical situation?

How would you describe his tone?

What arguments does he make?

Does he provide counterarguments to arguments stated by the opposite side?

Small Group Activity:

Evaluate the transcript of the speech for the following elements:

  • Transitions
  • Pointing Words
  • Repetition of Key Terms and Phrases
  • Repetition with a Difference
  • So What?
  • Who Cares?

Homework Assigned: Bring in one printed  article related to your research subject for Monday. We will need it for an in-class activity.

Homework Due: Final draft of zombie essay.

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