3/15/13 Class Structure/Homework/Notes

Class Structure:  

  • Discuss Reading Rhetorically in small groups and as a class
  • Review Easybib.com and the Purdue Online Writing Lab
  • Review Critical Analysis Essay Prompt

Small Group Activity: Discuss the main ideas from Reading Rhetorically pg. 133-153.

Be prepared to discuss the following topics:

  • Summary/Paraphrase/Direct Quotation
  • Plagiarism
  • Attributive Tags
  • Parenthetical Citations
  • MLA In-Text Citations

Online Resources for Citing Sources: 

Easybib.com Work’s Cited Generator

Purdue Online Writing Lab MLA Formatting and Style Guide

Zombie Paper:  Assignment Prompt

Homework Due: Reading only.

Homework Assigned: Read Deborah Christie’s “Dead New World” and write a Reading Response on your blog. Reading Responses (RR) are a mixture of summary and personal response that begins with a direct quotation from the reading.  RRs have a 400 word minimum, which does not include the direct quotation at the beginning of the text. Refer back to my example of a Reading Reponse here. Due Monday 3/18/13 before class.

Midterm will be Wednesday 3/20/13, and first draft of the Night of the Living Dead paper will be due Friday 3/21/13.

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