3/11/13 Class Structure/Homework/Notes

Class Structure:

  • Grades/Absences
  • Freewriting for Zombie Paper
  • Group Reading “The High Cost of Low Teacher Salaries”
  • Small Group Activity
  • Brief Discussion of SWE/HV
  • Paulo Freire Youtube.

Grades/Absences: Blog posts are receiving full credit if they are on time and complete (10/10). If they are incomplete, they are receiving partial credit–usually 8/10 on posts missing some length or a picture, or other required element and 6 or 7/10 on a post that is late).  Six or more absences will be detrimental to your grade (5% participation loss, and additional 5% ding to your grade for each absence past the 6th).  If you have questions about this email me or speak to me directly. I won’t bring it up again in class.

Freewriting: Begin or continue to develop an argument about George Romero’s use of zombies in the 1968 Night of the Living Dead film.  What rhetorical purpose do they serve? Is the film about life and death? Is it about race? Is it about isolation and detachment? Is it about some social or global problem? Or take another route–is the film just a bunch of dead things shambling around eating the living and wreaking havoc? Take 6-7 minutes to develop your argument.

Group Reading: “The High Cost of Low Teacher Salaries”

Small Group Activity: In groups of two or three maximum, establish the rhetorical situation:

“1. What question(s) is the text addressing?
2. What is the writer’s purpose?
3. Who is the intended audience(s)?
4. What situational factors (biographical, historical, political, or cultural)
apparently caused the author to write this text?”(Bean 43)

Then create a “quote sandwich” with an introduction to the author and the subject matter,  a direct quote from the text, and  a follow up statement that explains the quote. Templates for introducing and explaining quotations are on found on 46-47 in They Say/I Say.

SWE/HV:  Paulo Freire Video

Homework Due: Final draft of Personal Persuasive paper.

Homework Assigned:  Bean’s Reading Rhetorically pg 138-153 (Emailed PDF from beginning of course).


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