3/1/13 Class Structure/Homework/Notes

Class Structure:

  • Zombie Notes
  • Group Reading
  • Small Group Activity

Zombie Notes: Share notes from The Walking Dead/zombie studies.  Zombie CFP. 

Corporate Activity: Read Judith Warner’s Junking Junk Food” as a class. Identify the primary argument/s and counterargument/s as a class. How does she give credibility to her argument? Determine her primary audience.

Group Activity: With a partner, construct a paragraph using the template on page 9 of They Say/I Say with Judith Warner’s article as the subject.  Include a direct quote from Warner’s piece in the template where required.

They Say/I Say Template pg. 9

They Say/I Say Template pg. 9

Homework Due: Blog post exercise one or two from They Say/I Say  pg 28-29.

Homework Assigned: Watch Night of the Living Dead and take notes. Post notes to blog. Free-form is okay. Don’t worry about grammar/spelling/etc.

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