2/27/13 Class Structure/Homework/Notes

Class Structure: 

  • Small Group discussion of the text. 
  • Corporate Discussion of the text.   
  • Group Construction of a Paragraph Using a Template.

Small Group Activity (1): 

Map the text. What are the main points? Back up your findings with quotes from the text.

Corporate Activity (1): 

Discuss your findings with the group.  Consider the points below.

“Think about an activity that you do particularly well: cooking, playing the piano, shooting a basketball, even some thing as basic as driving a car. If you reflect on this activity, you’ll realize that once you mastered it you no longer had to give much conscious thought to the various moves that go into doing it” (Graff, Birkenstein, & Durst 1).

  • They Say/I Say Explicit/Implicit (7)
  • Rhetorical/Anticipated Disagreement (6)
  • Disagreement as the Point of Academic Writing (8)
  • Agreeing/Disagreeing Simultaneously (9)
  • Establishing and Defending Their Premise  (1,10-12)

    Original Star Wars Movie Poster

Family Guy Star Wars Parody

Corporate Activity (2): 

Construct a paragraph using the template from They Say/I Say (page 9) based on Monday’s in-class debate on the “Don’t Blame the Eater” text.

They Say/I Say Template

They Say/I Say Template

Homework Due:  Reading with and against the grain blog post on “Don’t Blame the Eater.”

Homework Assigned: Read pages 19-29. Complete Exercise 1 or 2 on pg. 29, and post it to your blog.

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