2/25/13 Class Structure/Homework/Notes

Class Structure: 

  • Freewriting Exercise
  • Examples of Student Work
  • Google “Serve or Fail”/Adwords keyword search frequency.
  • Class Debate on “Don’t Blame the Eater,” and “What You Eat is Your Business”

Freewriting: What is a zombie?

Examples of Student Work: 

Jose exemplary precis.

Daniel exemplary incorporation of textual and visual to enhance meaning.

Google “Serve or Fail”: Your work’s showing up in search results. Demonstrate Google Adwords Keyword tool.

Corporate Activity (1): Read “Don’t Blame the Eater” as a class. Separate into two groups. Debate both sides of the issue after brief huddle with the group to develop a strategy, write down key claims/counterclaims, etc.

Corporate Activity (2): Read “What You Eat is Your Business” as a class. Repeat the activity described above.

Notes/Arguments Produced in Class:

Arguments For:

Corporations are shamelessly targeting children because their brains are malleable.

Money/Time is an issue in fast food purchases.

1969 5% of  diabetes was childhood diabetes. Genetically caused.

In our time 30% childhood diabetes caused by obesity, which is related to fast food restaurants.

Inaccurate labeling of nutritional information.


Arguments Against:

Even though the child makes the purchase, they are empowered by the parent. (Counterclaim– Kids have their own money. Kids can walk to the fast food restaurant)

It’s your choice to buy fast-food. Personal choice. Even health issues are related to personal choice. (Counter–not enough information to make informed choice. Salad was not healthy 1040 calories. Deceitful in presentation of information—( Counter-counterclaim– Giant calorie signs by meals )

A damn meal at McDonald’s is more than a pack of apples. (Counterclaim– A fruit is not a meal, and you can buy a burger for $1)

6×4 (four meals at McDonald’s) =$24.00.  $24.00 at Save Mart would = more food (Counterclaim–Time/Stove required to cook food.) (Counterclaim–Med pizza $5.00. It can  feed the whole family. $5.00 isn’t that much fruit)

Homework Due: Draft two of Personal Persuasive essay due .

Homework Assigned:  Read They Say/I Say 1-14. Write a blog post revising and expanding the work we did in class today. You will need to include one image and three subheadings–”Reading With the Grain”, “Reading Against the Grain”, and “Rhetorical Précis”. Total length should be about 450-600 words.

Reading with the Grain

200 word summary and response on either “Don’t Blame the Eater,” or “What You Eat is Your Business” reading with the grain.

Reading against the Grain

200 word summary and response on  either “Don’t Blame the Eater,” or “What You Eat is Your Business” reading against the grain.

Rhetorical Précis

Four line rhetorical précis following the template reviewed in class.

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