2/11/13 Class Structure/Homework/Notes

Class Structure:

  • Review Spell Check Function
  • Review Insert Hyperlinks
  • Briefly Introduce Personal Narrative (first draft due one week from Wednesday, Feb 27th

Reading Rhetorically 114-132 deals with research methods. You should return to this section to assist you with writing your research paper in the last month of class.

Small Group Activity: Discuss the key points in the reading. Focus on two of the following main ideas:

“Your job is to conduct an inquiry, not to shop around for sources” (Bean 121).

  • Formulating questions.
  • Clarifying your purpose.
  • Value added content.
  • Question analysis.
  • Publication contexts.
  • Evaluating potential sources.
  • Questions about currency and scope.
  • Questions about authors and experts.
  • Questions about publishers and sponsors.

Corporate Activity 1: Evaluating Online Sources

How do you determine the quality  of online sources?

Journal Databases like Jstor.

National circulated newspapers like  the NY Times.

Quasi-journalistic sites or content mills like Ehow.

User-generated sites like Wikipedia.

Advertorial, Internet market, or other product-placement sites.

Corporate Activity 2: Read  “Serve or Fail” by Dave Eggers as a class. Play the “believing game.” Read the piece again as a class. Play the “doubting game.” Read with the grain, then read against the grain.

Freewriting: Five minutes on a personal experience that taught you something–It can be funny: “I learned never to bathe a cat in a sink,” or serious, “I learned not to mix alcohol and prescription drugs,” or something more common place like, “I learned that people can’t understand others well if at all.” The idea is to focus on formative events that left some kind of mark.

Homework Due: RR#1 on Reading Rhetorically

Homework Assigned: Read pgs. 133-143 in Reading Rhetorically

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