2/8/13 Class Structure/Homework/Notes

Class Structure:

  • Explain the comment function, and demonstrate how to create a “Comment Log” category.
  • Freewrite (strong memories as an adult/young adult, or continue with strong memories of your childhood)
  • Share freewrite

Rereading Strategies Reading Rhetorically pgs. Focus on pages 54-63. You have approx. seven minutes per activity. Be prepared to share your findings with the class.

Group Activity (1):Map the idea structure of the selected pages, as demonstrated on pg. 55.

Group Activity (2): Write a descriptive outline of the text as explained on pages 55-56. (Says/Does statements).

Group Activity (3): Write a summary of the text as described at the end of the chapter, beginning on page 58.

Homework Due: None. 

Homework Assigned: Read  pgs. 118-132 Reading Rhetorically. Write a 400 word Reading Response (RR), using the model below, and post the item to your blog. Include at least one visual element in your post (picture, video, etc.). You are doing two primary things in a RR–summarizing the key points and then giving your personal response to those points.

Sample Reading Response

Sample Reading Response

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