2/4/13 Class Structure/Homework/Notes

Class Structure:

  • Freewrite–5 Minutes: Five minutes on memorable experiences from your childhood.
  • Small Group Activity (1): Discuss the reading (pg. 36-42) in Reading Rhetorically. What are the author’s main points?
  • Small Group Activity (2): Select a text from the table. Take note of the visual elements. What do they say about the text? Do they provide clues about the type of material? Do they assist in the navigation of the text itself? Record your observations about each text, and swap texts with a neighboring group after a few minutes, or when you’ve run out of things to say about a text.
  • Corporate Activity (1): Frank Miller on Comics

    Frank Miller on Comics

    Frank Miller on Comics

  • Corporate Activity (2): Infographic
  • Notes Produced In Class:Visual Elements

    Grabs attention


    Looks Nicer/Aesthetics

    Understanding/Charts Graphs

    Connecting With The Reading

    Recalling your own background

    New information? What do you already know?

    Reading Strategies

    Reconstructing the Rhetorical Context

    Taking Notes



    Marking unfamiliar terms

    Asking questions

    Pre-reading Strategy

    Identifying your purpose

    Setting a goal


Homework Due: Blog post one due today.

Homework  Assigned: Pages 43-53 from Bean_Reading_Rhetorically-33-65.pdf.Print out the pdf, and make notes in the margins (annotation) as you read. We will share the annotations with our small groups Wednesday.

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